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About The Sunflower Sanctuary 

The Sunflower Sanctuary was created by Sydney to be a spiritual safe space. We offer a spiritually protected space to those who are seeking spiritual truth & enlightenment when dealing with life's difficulties and celebrations. 

Sydney is a Spiritual Healer, that uses her energy channeling abilities along with Tarot, HerbCrafting, and Ancestral Reverence to guide her clients as they navigate through life. 



Sunflower Tarot Reading

Tarot-based reading over the topic of your choice to help you shine your brightest in any situation.


Goddess Reading

Oracle-based advice on the Divine Feminine energies that are present in your life. 


Zodiac Candle Work 

A guided meditation & 7-day candle ritual done by myself for a large group of participants that is done in accordance with the current Zodiac season. Your name will be added to a general petition when this service is purchased. 


Mercury Retrograde Report

Personalized Tarot-based advice for navigating the difficulties of Mercury's Retrograde period. 


Sunflower Moon Magic Guide

Personalized Tarot-based reading and a guided Full or New Moon ritual.

What clients are saying about Sydney

My reading was everything I needed and more. I feel reassured and guided to make the best decisions for myself. Sydney has a calmness to there voice that erases any anxiety you may have entering the reading. The energy is so peaceful and welcoming it's easy to  express what's really troubling you erasing fear of judgement. I highly recommend her service to anyone. 

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